Aki has the following linguistic background

Language is most easily learnt from the environment around you – babies are proof of this and so is Aki. Whilst working in a variety of kitchens in London (see Cooking Cap), next to chefs of different linguistic backgrounds, he picked up conversant levels of English, Italian and Spanish. Just being in that stimulating environment day in, day out provided fast tracked education in 3 languages!

Similarly with his career in filming as a coordinator and a director (see Filming Cap) Aki traveled extensively and at all filming locations was of course required to speak English to communicate with the local people, filming crews and authorities. There was no time for textbooks; the communication came directly from the heart and body language. So again, these hands-on experiences provided him with a rich environment to naturally enhance his ability in spoken English.

In the meantime, as is the case with most people who learn to communicate in a foreign language whilst in a foreign land, his appreciation, ability and understanding of his own Japanese language grew much deeper. On a professional level, he wrote the narration for the programmes being filmed, and on many occasions even edited the narration supplied by another writer.  And of course, as anyone familiar with Japanese language will know, there are many levels of Japanese speech depending on the status of the person speaking versus the person being spoken to.  Throughout his filming career Aki was able to use these levels of speech confidently and appropriately whether he was speaking to his own (subordinate) crew or to the C.E.O at one of Japan’s biggest TV broadcasting stations.

Sun, Feb 18, 2018