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If its delicious, then its great cooking! That’s my motto. So, what constitutes ‘delicious food’? Well that’s between you, the cook, and the person(s) for whom you cooked the food.
Most likely you don’t own a restaurant and the people you cook for are not your customers. But even if they were, the principle would be the same.
Just stop and think… what is the essential essence in your cooking for your family, friends and partners? What makes you think “I want to cook them something mouthwateringly delicious!’ ‘Something they’ll love!’ Why, its your love for them, of course! And it is this love that makes the difference between slapping together a meal and being a fabulous cook!
Rather than have the attitude that your cooking is lousy, or that cooking is boring or a chore, you can add the essential essence of love by simply holding the intention of creating something special that your diners will delight in! This essential essence makes up 80% of cooking! The rest is up to your enjoyment of it. Your love and enjoyment will be conveyed through your cooking into a delicious dish.
Similarly, if you think that cooking is tedious, then that will translate into monotonous meals. Even if you precisely follow a well-known recipe.
You can also drop any preconceived notions that cooking is complex and difficult. There are many ways to boil an egg. Boil it by any way you know how. You’re already off to a great start in cooking. All it takes then is a touch of garnishing with salt, ketchup or mayonnaise and voila! You have a splendid hors d’oeuvre!
You may not be trained in how to create some of the world’s favourite cuisines but with a little bit of know-how its amazingly simple to create dishes along the same lines.
For example,
any dish that is based in soy sauce becomes a la Japanesque!
If based in a cream sauce it becomes a la Frenchesque!
If based in a tomato sauce it becomes a la Italianesque!
If based in oyster sauce and sesame oil it becomes a la Chinesque!
Are you ready to have fun whilst learning the secrets to becoming a great cook and creating delicious meals?
Then call me, Aki. I can show you how to put love, enjoyment and great taste into your cooking - and you and your loved ones will simply love the results!

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Sat, Mar 17, 2018