Welcome to the Culture POT of Kilmore!

The Culture POT offers Practise-Oriented Tuition whereby people can learn skills naturally, via culturally rich and fun experiences! Learning by hands-on experience is the fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to learn new skills and that’s what the Culture POT is all about. We offer tailor-made, hands-on cooking classes, TV Production / Filming workshops and interactive Japanese language practise; all in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Culture POT is run by Aki who is living proof that true skill-building comes naturally when given the right environment. He is skilled in cooking Japanese, French, Greek and food intolerance-friendly cuisines; in producing, directing and editing TV programmes and commercials; and is self taught in English and web design.  He learnt all these things not by attending classes, but by being in the right environment to learn them. He emphatically believes that, like a baby learning to walk and talk, it should come naturally, in a natural setting… You don’t see babies carrying around textbooks as a way of learning a language, rather they are stimulated to learn from their environment, and Aki aims to create the right stimulating environment for you to enhance your skills in Japanese, cooking and/or filming techniques. What One Likes, One Will Do Best! So if you want to hone your skills in any of these areas, give the Culture POT a shot!

Sun, Feb 18, 2018